Best Ayahuasca Retreats In The World For The First-Timers

best ayahuasca retreats in the world


Ayahuasca offers a journey of self-enlightenment and healing for people who have a stressful life or for those who need to find purpose in their lives. In fact, the Ayahuasca ceremony is renowned for its healing effects.

As a first-timer, your journey and self-discovery need to be a safe and supportive experience. Thus, it’s essential to choose retreats that prioritise guidance, support, a proper environment, and a safe atmosphere. As a beginner, this article is a great start to learning more about the best ayahuasca retreats in the world that put safety first, so keep reading.

Top 5 Best Ayahuasca Retreats For Beginners

As a beginner, it is very important for you to have a great first experience with ayahuasca. In order to ensure that experience, you need to visit the best ayahuasca retreats in the world. Here are some top ones:

1.     Vikara

Vikara is the Sanskrit term for ‘transformation’; and just like the name suggests, its aim is to transform the lives of anyone who visits. This beachfront retreat offers beautiful settings with a safe environment.

Situated in Olón, Ecuador, its view contains a perfect balance of sunset on the beach and authentic cultural village on off-beaten paths. They provide you with a number of activities, such as surfing, yoga, meditation, and a lot more.

2.     Spirit Vine Retreats

This retreat in Brazil takes every visitor on a spiritual journey. They guide participants to find purpose within themselves and love their uniqueness. This is one of the best ayahuasca retreats in the world, which follows interfaith.

This means people with different religions and spiritual backgrounds come together and stay in harmony. Therefore, they have group stay bungalows. This place is surrounded by Atlantic forests, which makes their ayahuasca ceremonies special.

3.     Soltara Healing Centre

This ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica is a seaside sanctuary for holistic therapies. ‘Soltara’ comes from the Spanish word ‘soltar,’ which means to let go or release. This is a place to release all your worries and concerns which are deep rooted within you, to finally achieve peace.

They provide guides who are skilled Shipibo healers providing guidance through your ayahuasca ceremony.

4.     Rythmia Life Advancement Centre

Located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, the Rythmia Life Advancement Centre offers a very famous program called ‘The Rythmia Way.’ This is an ayahuasca-based program which accelerates self-discovery. Their ceremonies are also generally blended with yoga, meditation, etc.

This luxury center offers a number of activities, such as volcanic mud baths, life coaching, hydrocolonic cleanses, farm-to-table organic food, and much more. They follow Colombian traditions in their ayahuasca ceremonies, which can be seen in their rooms and interiors as well.

5.     Etnikas

Etnikas is the only ayahuasca retreat service that is recognized by the Peru Ministry of Health. They have experienced Shipibo and Qero healers as guides for your ayahuasca ceremony.

It is located in the Valley of Incas, where you’ll be surrounded by lush greens all the time. They consult doctors and psychologists about the guests who apply for ayahuasca ceremonies to ensure every participant’s safety.

Wrapping Up

This exciting list might’ve already pushed you to start packing right away and go off on your ayahuasca journey. However, it is very important for you to conduct your own research before leaving for an ayahuasca retreat

Your self-healing process is equally as important as your safety, so make sure to ask around, read reviews, and gather more information before committing to a retreat.

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